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"The bow is a weapon at any circumstance!"

The bow is a weapon that uses the push to fire arrows over any distant target.

The bow made entirely of wood has been used for thousands of years for hunting and for war by the Nubians (native African tribes), the Bari (African tribes like the Bassa), Europeans, among others, from the Mesolithic. As a hunting weapon, it was simple, reliable and able to slaughter an animal as large as the African elephant. As a weapon of war, the bow has contributed greatly in different cultures.

The bow can be formed by a single piece of wood, which may be as high as the height of the shooter (as the longbow), or it can be formed by several curved pieces that increase the power of the bow as the modern compound, or traditional arches made of bone or wood, such as Turkish and Japanese. In ancient Japan, the characteristic bows would be made ​​of bamboo and wood, known as yumi and they were decisive for the war between samurai on horseback.
The bow works with a rope that stretch the limbs, which these limbs may be made of vegetable or animal fiber in traditional bows, and in case of the modern bows the limbs are synthetic.

The power shot of a bow can be regulated within certain limits by adjusting the tension of the rope. The bows can have a deadly range from 40 to 100 meters. In the case of the longbow, is up to 400 meters range.

The Nubians were famous for their skills with their bows and were known for their ability to hit their enemys in the eye during their battles.

In the middle ages in Europe, the English archers were famous for their skill in using the longbow for war, using them with great effect in the hundred years war (especially in battles such as Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt).

Other types of guns have left the bow obsolete towards the war, because they started to provide its users a greater range, power and invaluable quality through armor of medieval knights.
Nevertheless, the bows made ​​of wood or fiberglass compounds are still used by traditional archers and some associations for sport and hunting.
The archery is an Olympic sport, but also a non-Olympic sport, where for exemple, that kind of practice uses replicas of traditional bows.

segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2012

College Girl Style. The 30s, 40s, and 50s.

Photographic memory

In the last days, we posted some old pictures representing the elegance of practicing archery. If you notice, the characters are only girls.
We don't want to offend anyone, but the concept seem always much more intense along with the female figure.

The ideia of posting some pictures is for you to start noticing that this sport is quite old... You can see that on the pictures of the London Olympic Games in the year of 1908, when for the first time 25 women participated in that challenge.

Archery, is by definition "a man who uses a bow and an arrow". This is one of the oldest "actions" of men. On the beginning it was just a way of getting food, then it was used in battles for many centuries, and nowadays it is better know as a sport.

There are two different versions for you to practice archery. One is the hunting (it can be animals or just someone you don't like, or even someone you like a lot).
The other one has a target : the aim is for perfection in the practice of archery, that we choose with joy to practice in our backyard! And girls seem to enjoy it, like ourselves.

We will post more pictures so you can start to notice the shapes of the bows, the positions of the characters along with the costumes, and of course the enviroment and the background of the photos.

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Even this lady tried...

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Warming up

Gym class - 1950's

We are just warming up to begin this project. We hope this can give you inspiration or just good memories.

The archer and archery

An archer is a person who uses a bow and arrow, a practitioner of archery.

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Well, let's start